zumba 1After confirming the launch dates for my new Clubbercise With Eileen classes in Stradbroke and Saxmundham earlier today – and announcing a new Zumba Gold class  at the Pennoyer Centre in Pulham Saint Mary last month – I am delighted to announce that I am launching a new weekly Zumba Gold class in Debenham.

The Debenham Zumba Gold classes will be held every Friday morning at 10-11am, starting 20 May 2016.

Classes will be held at the Debenham Sports & Leisure Centre.

Zumba Gold is designed for the active mature adult, the beginner or for those who may need special dance modifications in a fitness session.

The pace is not as “high energy” as a Basic Zumba Fitness class and has more comprehensive breakdowns of the fitness choreography.

It’s perfect for young mums who might have just given birth and want to ease back into exercise, or for those individuals who feel that they can’t keep up in a regular Zumba class.

Click here now to read more about Zumba Gold

In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to give me a call on 07813 854255 or email zumba-eileen@hotmail.co.uk.

See you soon,

Eileen x

Zumba Gold not quite for you?

Want something a little more lively and faster paced? Try, Zumba Fitness or come along to my new Clubbercise With Eileen classes.

Want a more joint friendly workout? Try, Aqua Zumba

Or, maybe Belly Dancing will be just right for you perhaps?

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Instructor Profile picClubbercise With Eileen is all set to go – my weekly Clubbercise classes will kick off in Stradbroke and Saxmundham in the week beginning 16 May 2016.

Stradbroke High School – Monday 16 May, 7:45 – 8:45pm
Saxmundham Market (Town) Hall – Wednesday 18 May, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Both classes will run weekly thereafter (not including bank holidays), although for Stradbroke classes will only run during term time.

Want to know more about Clubbercise? Click here now

Essentially, Clubbercise is a unique dance fitness exercise program. Participants groove to catchy Club anthems in a darkened room with glow sticks and neon lights. While you can easily burn approximately 500 calories at a Clubbercise class, it’s more like a “night out” than an exercise class and you don’t get a hangover or have to wear heels!

The class length is 45 minutes and includes a warm up and cool down.

Please make sure you bring a water bottle, towel and wear a supportative bra and good trainers. It’s always a good idea to wear layers if clothes which you can easily peel off (like a hoodie), if you get warm. There’s also a health fitness questionnaire to fill out, prior to class.

For our first class, admission is £10 (which includes the Glow Sticks). Admission then drops to is £6 for each class thereafter.

For additional information please contact me by calling 07813 854255 or email zumba-eileen@hotmail.co.uk.

Meantime, for regular Clubbercise With Eileen updates please like my new dedicated Clubbercise Facebook page (Clubbercise Eileen Suffolk – Sax, Fram and Eye) by clicking here.

Cheers all,

Eileen x

Please note my Clubbercise classes are for those age 16 and over and is not appropriate for children. Alcohol is not permitted!


Clubbercise not quite for you?

Want something a little more lively and faster paced? Try, Zumba Fitness or come along to my new Clubbercise With Eileen classes.

Want a more joint friendly workout or something just a little more gentle? Try, Aqua Zumba or Zumba Gold

Or, maybe Belly Dancing will be just right for you perhaps?

Click here to find the right class for you and near you.

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2016 classes to start 18th January

Off to workWith this being the last week of classes for 2015 – and following my previous post regarding the holiday schedules – I thought I would give you a quick update: 2016 classes will resume the week starting Monday 18th January.

So whether it’s Zumba, Aqua Zumba or Belly Dancing I look forward to seeing you then!

Happy Holidays,

Sincerely, Zumba Eileen x

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Food for thought and fitness – Zumba Eileen’s new recipe page kicks off with the delicious Beetroot Burger

After many requests I have decided to set up a recipe page and share with you some of my favourite foodie finds that are to only good for you but which taste divine too! Here is a Beetroot Burger recipe - I discovered this in the Daily Mail. The first time I made it EXACTLY like the recipe. It will make 4 patties.

The second time I made the burgers, I tripled the recipe and left out the cannallini beans, added 2 more eggs, more bread crumbs, and feta cheese. I did not sauté the onions and spices, first. In that case it’s better to use ground cumin and garlic powder. It made 9-10 nicely sized burger patties.

The texture should be like minced meat - if not add more binding ingredients. I’ve found the combination of cumin and nigella gives it a meaty-like flavour. Don’t leave either spice out!

Beet root burger pattiesIngredients

  • 2 large whole beetroots, RAW and grated
  • 1- 400g tin of cannallini beans blended to a paste
  • 100g breadcrumbs (I used dry and not fresh)
  • 1 onion finely diced
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed 
  • Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 tsp chilli flakes 
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds 
  • 1 tsp nigella seeds 
  • Olive oil or any oil of your choosing


  1. Add onion and garlic to a hot pan of oil and soften for 5 minutes
  2. Add Nigella seeds, cumin, parsley and chilli and cook for a further few minutes.
  3. Add beetroot, breadcrumbs, beans, egg, and onion mixture to a large bowl and mix with your hands.
  4. Form into four round patties and leave in the fridge for an hour.
  5. Brush patties with oil and grill for 10 minutes on each side.


Hope you enjoy! Click here to check out my new recipe page regularly for more of my favourite dishes and desserts - there's a great Chocolate Brownie recipe for you to try which will be great for a little Christmas treat.  I will be adding more recipes soon.

Eileen x

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12030255_10153690019629530_2817624496593050607_o295A massive thank you to all who turned up, took part and shook your booties to make our Zumbathon! Charity Event such a fantastic success on Saturday 24th October - a total of £2160-76 raised whoo hoo!!!

As you can see, the cheques have already been delivered to the two wonderful local charities, St Elizabeth Hospice and EACH.

Special thanks need to go to our Zumba Staff: Susanne Campbell, Samba band member and Zumba coordinator; Sandra Bloomfield, Assistant Coordinator for Thomas Mills Sports Centre; Jackie Matthews for her Poster Design;  Sally Steward for her time and energies distributing our Zumbathon posters; and Amy Goulding of Impulse Fashion for ticket sales in her Framlingham shop.

Zumbathon Magic

Eileen with Zumbathon Attendees


We kicked our Charity event off with a very energetic warm up led by Zumba’s own Cumbia and Reggae ton Jammer, Nadia Alkoc - who came all the way from Scotland to shake her booty. If that wasn’t enough, the next day she conducted an all day Zumba Cumbia Jam session in Ipswich. Check out the photo below of Nadia, myself and three other Zumba colleagues.

Cumbia Jam!

Emily doing her thingOur Zumba performing team consisted of Terri Cave, Emily Bower, Nadia Alkoc, and of course, myself.  You guys were all amazing!

Check out the action shots of Emily (left) and Terri (below right), they really say it all. Or click here to watch a video taken by Gail from Rage With A Smile Photography and Design of the 10 minute warm up featuring all of us doing our thing!

Contagious energy and laughter

During our performances, energies were flying, bodies were pumping, and laughter was contagious.

Terri CaveSamba Band membersThe Never Ready’s Samba Band was our “Break”. Of course, that didn’t really happen.... how can one NOT dance to Samba music? The band, dressed as pirates were brilliant. Check out the video by clicking here.

Thanks to the wonderful photos by Des Fisher from “Near the Coast” we have a snap shot (amongst many others) of Colleen Knight’s daughter - a little Zumbette in the making, waving her pink blanket to the beat of the drums!

Nadia and samba band Eileen with youngest ZumbetteAnd if one needed a break from dancing, we had fabulous cakes and macaroons (supplied by Rhonda) to munch on, coffee, or tea to sip, and Processco. Great job Rhonda, your macaroons are to die for.

Our vendors all did a great job setting up their stalls. Susanne Campbell displayed her jewellery and some very creative Christmas ornaments for the upcoming holidays. Karen Lomax from Tropic had her natural body product line which is part owned by Sir Alan Sugar.

Younique and Forever by Liz Yeatts had some of the most gorgeous shades of lipstick colour that I’ve ever seen. The Peacock Emporium owned by the very clever and talented Textile Artist, Julie Filmer had the cutest handmade material figures, perfect for underneath a Christmas tree.  End of the Rainbow had lovely gift ideas for those hard to shop for individuals and both Impulse Fashions and Body Shop had an amazing stock presentation. Whoo hoo!

Raffle prizes galore

After our dance performances, it was raffle time! And, raffles we had. They were some of the most incredible gifts not to be believed. The grand prize was a two week stay in Spain! Our sponsors (listed in full below) were beyond generous. The H-P’s Emporium alone supplied us with 13 raffle gifts! I was so touched by everyone’s generosity.  Thank you so much.

We had dinner, deli, hair cut and blow dry vouchers; baskets filled with coffee and flavoured syrups, chocolates, locally produced food items, handbags, shawls, amazing jewellery..I could go on and on.  The highlight of the raffle draw was when we found out that the winner of the Grand prize to Spain was the Vicar!

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who baked cakes, exhibited their products and helped spread the Zumba love. Most of all thanks to all you women who showed up and rocked the floor!

Eileen Torosian Tinney

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PS. Check out the full list of our Zumbathon contributors, donors and sponsors below - Thank you all so much!

Zumbathon Contributors

Jackie Mathews - Zumbathon Poster Design

Gail Rajgor - Photography and Web Design (www.ragewithasmilephotography.com)

Callendar’s Florist - Floral presenations

About Fram - Online article insertions

Near the Coast - Zumbathon coverage

Framfare - Zumbathon advert

East Anglian - Article about Zumbathon

Community News - Zumbathon advert

Castle Radio - Zumbathon interview

Sally Steward - Zumbathon flyer distribution


Zumbathon Donations

Beverly and Kirstie Tuthill

Ann Elliot

Helen Ball

Ruth Bradley

Maureen Flannery

Ruth Bradley and family

Eddie and Shirley Baker

Richard Kimmerling

Linda Dunnet


Zumbathon Raffle Sponsors

Impulse Fashions                              

Angel Podiatry

Lemon Tree

Dolled Up

The Framlingham Crown

Rage with a Smile Photography

Carley Hill Hair

Leo’s Deli

Rachael Lead

Framlingham Chemist

Darcy B

Bridges and Garrards

Dior Cosmetics


The H-P’s Emporium

Boo Tiki





Costa coffee


Cafe Nero

Les Chocolates Belges

Face in Nature

Angel’s Beauty Clinic


East of England Co-op


Hill Farm

Ruby Tyger

The Chocolatarie

The Store



blackberry cottage 054Join us at Thomas Mill's High School in Framlingham at 2:30-6.00 pm on Saturday 24th October for a fun-packed afternoon for all as we raise money for two great local causes, St. Elizabeth's Hospice and East Anglia's Children's Hospice (EACH) in a Zumbathon Charity Event.

All welcome - Experienced Zumbanistas, Newbies who want to give Zumba a go, and anyone who just wants to join the party for a great cause!

Workout to 2 hours of guest performances. As well as me (Eileen) and other local Zumba instructors, Emily Bower and Terri Cave, there will be a special performance featuring the Amazing Zumba Jammer, Nadia Alkoc,  Live music will be provided by local Samba band, The Never Ready's.

And in between the work-outs there will plenty of other things to keep you entertained of course.

Shopping and beauty treatments from local vendors, homemade cakes, tea, coffee, bubbly will also be available and ... plus fantastic prizes to be won in the raffle too, including a 2 week stay in a fully furnished apartment on La Tercia Golf Course near Mercia in rural Spain!zumbathon_posterA4_2 copy

Advance tickets cost £8  and can be purchased  from Impulse Fashions in Framlingham or by contacting meOn-the-door entry will be £10.

Call me on 07813 854255 or email for further details or to donate prizes!

See you there!

Eileen Torosian Tinney


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