Ready to jump in the pool?

Aqua Zumba Fitness is a wonderful way to use the water as a tool to increase your aerobic and muscular fitness, flexibility and joint mobility all in one.

It’s great for everyone, especially those who want to work out without stressing their joints and back, due to the decrease in the force of gravity.

The various international and Latin American rhythms and dances are modified and adapted to water without losing the identity and flavour that makes a Zumba class so much fun on land!

Aqua Zumba Fitness is the opposite of swimming because it uses the water in the least hydrodynamic way as a resistance to obtain a training effect. The resistance in water is approximately 12 times that on land, and therefore each movement performed in the water will require a greater amount of energy than that required to perform similar activities on land.

According to Zumba, working constantly against the resistance of the water will increase the lean tissue or fat-free mass while burning fat for energy. Burn those calories!

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